Belt Replacement In Las Vegas, NV

Depending on the make and model of your car, the engine may comprise of a different configuration of belts, but whatever the configuration, most of these play a vital role in the performance of your car, and in the case of some, they are critical in the car actually running.

Belts use the rotational force of the engine to run other accessories on the car, this can be the alternator, power steering, water pump and the air conditioning unit. If one of these belts fail, the associated component will also stop working.  Our mobile mechanics make it a habit to check the belts during any repair to make sure they are replaced before the end up failing.


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Belt Tensioners

This is used to maintain the correct tension on the belt it is associated with, if this becomes weak it can cause the belt to wear quicker and unevenly if the tensioner becomes tight or is sticking in any position, this can cause premature wear in the water pump and other associated accessories.

A mechanic will be able to spot any uneven wear and while the belt is removed, they will check that the tensioner can move freely through its arc of travel while providing firm tension. They will also check that the pulleys are aligned and they allow for a smooth rotation.

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